1. 22 Nos. CCTV camera, operating 24 hours for Security
  2. Biometric fingerprint time attendance systems, operating in the Hostel.
  3. Fire Extinguishers in each floor.
  4. Conduction of "Disaster Management Training Program" time to time through "Ceasefire Industries Pvt. Ltd." company.


  1. Table with locking facilities, chair and bed provided individually to each boarder.
  2. Individual cupboards.
  3. Neat, clean and spacious bathrooms.
  4. Neat and clean dining hall.
  5. Neat and clean kitchen.
  6. Weekly visits of cobbler and laundry to the Hostel.
  7. Intercom connection in rooms for second and third floor.
  8. Cable TV connection in the Dining Hall, daily up to 10 pm only.
  9. Daily newspapers (2 Nos, The Assam tribune and Asomiya Protidin).
  10. Terrace garden.
  11. Visitors room.
  12. Excellent result in academics as well as extracurricular activities.
  13. Installation of Mosquito Controller in the hostel to eradicate mosquitoes automatically.
  14. Sanitary napkins destroyer to maintain hygiene in the hostel.
  15. Washing Machine (Slotwise)
  16. Self Ironong Point
  17. Water Pipeline for Fire Fighting
  18. Free Unlimited Wifi Available


  1. The Hostel is under ISO certification on "Quality Management" from this year.


  1. Inverter connection in Fans and Lights in rooms are available.


  1. A Genset of 20 KVA is available to provide uninterrupted electricity


  1. 8 KW Solar Power Plant installed in the Hostel to save electricity.


  1. Sick boarders are immediately admitted to the nearby hospital for treatment.


  1. Standard Menu
  2. Sunday Special Menu


  1. Well Ventilated, well illuminated spacious rooms - single, double and triple seater accommodations with separate common bathrooms.
  2. Bathrooms not attached, Indian/Western type, 11 bathrooms. One bathroom for 5-6 students in average.
  3. Boarders are occupying 2nd and 3rd floor rooms and ground floor.
  4. Total capacity of the Hostel is 60 boarders as on date.


  1. Hot water for bath during the months should be from November to January.
  2. Aquaguard connection for drinking water is available.
  3. Water filtration plant, installed.
  4. Rain water harvesting system available.


  1. Indoor games such as badminton, carrom, chess and ludo.
  2. Fresher's Meet with Wall Magazine.
  3. Annual Picnic.
  4. Celebration of Holi/Diwali in Hostel.
  5. Farewell dinner to the Boarders at the time of leaving the Hostel


  1. Celebration of Independence Day.


  1. Procurement of food items from selected and reputed vendors to provide quality food.
  2. Regular cleaning of Bathrooms by Sweeper and Rooms by Kitchen Staffs periodically.


  1. Regular interaction with the boarder with the management to guide them in any problems
  2. Career counselling for boarders, sometimes.