Our session of 2024-2025 in the hostel expected to start from August 2024 to July 2025. The admission by the new boarders expected to be completed by July/August 24. The seats will be made available to the new boarders from August 2024. Due to summer/winter holidays, the hostel will remain closed but the boarders are required to pay the seat rent.

*The new boarders can book a seat in advance by paying the admission fee (non-refundable) & security deposit before August 24, but she will have to pay the entire amount for admission in August 2024, otherwise her seat can be allotted by the management to the waitlisted new boarder.


The seats are allotted on First cum First Basis. The seats are confirmed only on receipt of full payment from the boarder and after completion of all formalities as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the application form. The Management of the Hostel decided to give accommodation to the Universities / Colleges / HS and Coaching Class Students.


1. If a boarder is planning to cancel the hostel seat and planning to shift to the hostel run by the Educational Institutes in future, or if she is planning in future to leave the hostel for her own accommodation in an academic year than it is advisable not to book a hostel seat in Anamika Girls Hostel as because any cancellation of hostel seat after occupying the same within an academic year will lead to heavy financial loss to the boarder as per the cancellation rules of the hostel.
2. A local Guardian is a must to take the admission in the Hostel.

HOSTEL FEES FOR ADMISSION Againsts the session 2024-2025


*Monthly dues may increase if Government impose any taxes (GST, etc.) during the session.

* New boarders are required to reach the Hostel with their belonging within August 2024.

* Detail Information on various rules & regulations will be provided in the Admission Form at the time of admission.